Why ?

            To face the ecological, social and geopolitical stakes, we must transform everything: lifestyles, economy, society. To do this, millions of people must develop new skills and abilities in order to change practices in the public, economic and civic spheres.
            The institutional actors of education will not be able to face theses immense training needs linked alone. Moreover, they don’t necessarily have the skills to do so, in a context where the transition is being invented by communities of practice rather than in research laboratories.
            For these reasons, the paths of transition wish to experiment with a training solution based on the power of peer-to-peer networks.

      How ?

      We have developed a digital platform where you will find numerous offers of discovery, learning and training from our friends and partners, around the challenges of transition.

      Via this platform, you can :

      Compose your trip « à la carte »

      Identify the places and events that fit your interests, and organize your trip on the Paths of Transition!

      Or join learning expeditions !

      Or Discover trips around the topics that you are interested in and go with others on the Paths of Transition.

      For whom ?

      • Young people, students, people in transition who want to find their way or change their life
      • Groups, associations, companies and communities in transition
      • Individuals who wish to take a weekend or vacation stroll along the Paths of Transition

      Who are we ?

      We are a collective of individuals and organizations long involved in the transition and free software movements. We are a non-profit organization.

      Discover the platform

      A collaborative web platform

      Functioning as a wiki, it allows for the collaborative production of common knowledge. The objective is to ensure that the citizens, associations, companies and local authorities involved in the project contribute together to the knowledge base of the Chemins de la Transition.

      Highly structured data

      The platform is based on Semantic Web and Fediverse technologies. A real technological leap forward, these technologies allow data (knowledge) to be linked together in a meaningful way. Users can then navigate from one to another, following logical links and exploring the knowledge base.

      These technologies also promote « interoperability » between information systems, which will allow Transition Paths to interconnect with many other platforms in a decentralised way. 

      Discover the paths of transition

      Travel at your own pace and according to your interests…



      Alone, in family or with friends, walk from place to place and discover the scope of existing alternative initiatives, on the paths of your transition.


      Learning expeditions

      Meet the best pioneers in the field of transition for a few hours or a day in order to learn from their practices and experiences


      Immersive Trip

      Learn by working, for a few weeks, in a woofing or participative way, in exchange for board and lodging, in immersion with transition practitioners



      Nomadic training that provides a recognized professional qualification, in immersion with experts in the field of transition

      Eco-building path
      Build and renovate with bio-based materials, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and create sick-free interiors. Use ecological building and insulation materials such as stones, raw earth bricks, hemp, straw…

      Living soil path

      Produce differently, by preserving and allowing the soil to regenerate! Organic market gardening, vegetable seeds, plant-soil relations, protection against pests… 

      Low tech path

      Low-tech refers to that which integrates technology according to three main principles: Utility, Accessibility, Sustainability. It is a question of reappropriating the technical conditions of our individual and collective existence, in order to increase our autonomy in many fields: energy, building, transport, food…

      panneau photovoltaïque
      Third places path

      Beyond the private and public spheres, dive into the sphere of third places and discover places such as the 100th Monkey, the House of Solidarity Economy, the Battement d’Ailes, Bordanova…

      Path of the takeover of farms in collective

      Take over farms collectively! Contribute to the creation of a new agri-food model, autonomous and resilient, based on peasant, organic and solidarity-based agriculture.


      On recrute !

      On recrute !

      Les Chemins de la Transition recrutent 2 personnes !   L'association des Chemins de la Transition recrute un.e chargé.e de développement et un.e animateur.ice de communauté.  Ils rejoindront le cercle de coordination du projet.  Lien vers la fiche de poste de...

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